Takudai Seminar JKA&SKIF Dresden 2016

SKIF CZ members have attended amazing seminar with the top Shotokan instructors from Takushoku University, where the university karate’s club was funded around 1924 and has produced many prominent karate instructors. Sensei Naka (7th Dan JKA Manager Tokyo Japan) and sensei Murakami (7th Dan Chief Instructor SKIF) demonstrated advanced methods of training karate techniques within the 3 days. The seminar alternated movement theory, practice methodology, to physically demanding burden of the more than 500 participants in two halls who have really enjoyed it. The seminar oversaw Hanshi Asano (9th Dan Chief Instructor SKIEF, SKI-GB) and Shihan Nagai (8th Dan Chief Instructor SKIF Deutschland).

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